The Sunnier Side of Eyedress

Ahead of their show at Charlie’s American Cafe, we asked artist Sunny Moonshine to send a few questions over to the Filipino dream pop musician and producer Idris Vicuña, known by his stage name as Eyedress – in the midst of his first tour of the United States, here’s what was discussed…

Have you been to America before?

I used to live in Phoenix, Arizona from the age of 6-13 then I lived in San Clemente, CA and moved to the Philippines when I was 15 and have been living there ever since.

Are the people here boring compared to other places?

Not at all. All my fans been showing mad love. They got me in almost every city. They hook me up with any party favours I might need. The love is too real! Fans always come up to me after a show to get me drinks or smoke me out. I don’t get that kind of love anywhere else but the States. Shout outs to the fans.

What has been your favorite meal on tour so far?

We hit a couple fire Mexican spots but honestly I only get hyped when we go to [a certain fast food chain, maybe ask him at the show] lol

Do you feel like there are duties attached to being an artist?

Yeah you gotta be responsible and not party every night. Gotta take care of your health and make sure you’re good to go for the next show cuz lately the shows have been constant and we barely get any days off to just rest. So yeah a good diet and the right dosage of vitamins helps.

What is your favorite instrument to start a song with?

I like starting songs off with chords most of the time. It sets the mood. Then I follow with the drums and just fill it all in after that.

Are you going to crowd surf at your show in Norfolk?

Haha i donno if the crowd wants to catch me maybe, I’m too paranoid for all that tho.

What shapes/colors would you use to describe your music?

My shit is like a rainbow, I got that variety. As for shapes idk a circle I guess cuz I can’t fuck w squares :p

What advice do you have for artists struggling to find a place for their voice?

Remember why ya started n don’t forget to revisit the classics.

Is there an issue on any topic that you feel very strongly about as of late?

There’s a couple things I feel strongly about but I’m in a good mood today so ima just say it’s all love on this end for now, peace!


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