Embracing Your Inner Bish at the ART BISH Digital Festival

Find your inner BISH at the 3rd ever ART BISH Digital Festival Wednesday, Sept. 30th at 5 PM PST//8 PM EST. Tickets are on sale now ($5 OFF PROMO CODE here) with an Early Bird ticket going for $15 and a VIP package that includes a BONUS 45-minute Q+A Session with a headliner of your choice and an exclusive VIP merch box, for $125. For every ticket sold, $1 will be donated to The Global Alliance Against Trafficking of Women (GAATW), an organization committed to fighting worldwide sex trafficking.

The festival is a LIVE online event dedicated to connecting aspiring womxn passionate about the creative arts. Started by founder Claire Bishara, the festival is designed to dissolve the mysteries and misconceptions about starting a career, as a womxn, in the creative industry. The full experience will include six stages headlined by some of the most successful womxn in their respective industries ranging from fashion designers to full-time artists, all who will share their stories and tips on evolving your passion into a career!

Other opportunities include having the chance to shop at and support womxn-run virtual vendor booths (ART BISH Apparel, alilpickle, and Manic Diaries) and network with fellow creatives attending the festival in chat booths.

Most importantly, the ART BISH Festival aims to eliminate gatekeeping by allowing attendees the chance to request and join a stage via video-chat, ultimately allowing for a space of community and authentic interaction.

If you’re not sold yet, take a look at the lineup below and read our Q+A with the main BISH herself, Claire Bishara.

Stage 1: BADWOOD | Stage 2: Sweet Mutuals | Stage 3: Ashourina Washington
Stage 4: Sincerely Art | Stage 5: Cassie Marin | Stage 6: Cloudnai

How did ART BISH begin and what is it at its core?

I started out as a painter. I would show my work at art shows all over Los Angeles and Orange County and tag my paintings “Art Bish.” People always commented that they loved the name, and so I decided to order a tank top off the internet and rhinestone it myself to say “ART BISH.” I took it everywhere with me and shot it on every girl I could find.

People instantly started wanting one, and so I started to make more forms of apparel that said ART BISH. The brand formed into a clothing brand that empowered the badass womxn artists. The apparel turned into a podcast, which turned into festivals and now it’s a full digital platform that empowers creative womxn!

What made you want to start Art Bish?

I started ART BISH because as an artist, I always grew up feeling like I could never live a successful life as an artist. I tried to fit into other career paths and find another hobby that I thought would make me successful but being a creative constantly pulled me back. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I got more invested in the LA art world that I started to come across these super successful badass creative womxn who had full throttle careers and businesses from being artists, designers, photographers and more! I wanted to get the word out there and highlight these women in hopes of inspiring other emerging artists to go after their creative dreams.

You mentioned this is different than a panel discussion format, how so?

What makes this festival different is that not only do our attendees get to hear advice, tips, and tools from some of the most successful womxn in the creative space, but they also get the chance to jump on stage with them via video chat and connect face to face. This lets our attendees have a more open and authentic conversation and truly get inspired. In addition, our festival has both a networking portion and a virtual expo where our attendees get to video chat with other attendees at the festival and shop exclusive deals from womxn run businesses.

Who are a few artists you’re most excited about?

I am truly excited for every single artist at this festival! Just because of my background in painting and fashion, I am definitely excited to see Badwood kill it at her stage!

Did you do gatherings IRL before the online events?

No, we had not…it was definitely something we were working towards and still want to do in the future but these festivals were purely born in quarantine.

Tell us a bit about what guests can expect from an ART BISH event?

Something the festival guests can expect is that they are going to truly leave the festival feeling completely moved to go after and chase their creative passions. The festival is such an inspiring experience, it’s almost impossible not to leave feeling a new sense of pride in your creative talents and a new sense of ambition to start making moves in your creative career! I think they can also expect to learn quite a lot.

I personally think that our education system doesn’t do the best job at not only valuing creative careers but teaching us enough about the real tools we need to know to pursue them. Our festival does a great job at this because you are hearing directly from the womxn who are currently living that dream out and who are at this festival to show our attendees how they can do the same.

Do you dabble in any art/creative mediums yourself or are you just a lover/promoter of the arts (I can relate!)

Yes, I definitely do! I started out as a painter and that will forever be my first creative love. I also do photography, creative directing, fashion designing and more! I like to try and do it all!

Thank you Claire for the Q+A and for giving aspiring artists a space to feel inspired and empowered! Be sure to stay tuned to our features of every artist headlining at ART BISH! And donโ€™t forget to tune in to the festival on Wednesday, Sept. 30th at 5 PM (PST) 8 PM (EST). You can learn more and buy tickets here!


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