Staying Golden with Treasure

London based artist Treasure is just that – he’s golden. His family relocated to the countryside in the early 2000s to trade the busy city life for the suburban serenity, a feeling present throughout his catalogue.

With laidback production and lush harmonies, he perfectly blends today’s bedroom pop with 90s R&B, both genres which influence him heavily. Earlier this year he released “Suffocation & Air, his first comprehensive work and full-length album. His single “Isolation” encapsulated all of our feelings during quarantine.

However, he’s not stopping there – his latest work “Nostalgia: The Prelude” is available on all streaming platforms today. We shot him a Q&A to get to know him and his musical process a little better.

How did you first get into music?

It’s something I’d consume tirelessly. When I got my first keyboard around 8 years old, I tried to learn my favourite songs by ear.

How did your move from the city to the countryside change your process – or life in general?

Life became a lot less busy, and in turn, I could clearly think about what I wanted from life.

How does your latest EP differ from your first?

The first is an amalgamation of music, and the second is a sequenced body of work from start to finish.

“Feelings” seems to be a single that blew up with over 1 million plays on Spotify – how’d you get there?

Honestly, I’m baffled myself!

There’s a variety of sounds going on in your music – what instruments are your band playing to create that acoustic/funk/electronic fusion?

I’m a one-man band at the moment! I use drum kits and machines, acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizers and keyboards–so anything I can get my hands on!

“Isolation” (and the accompanying spoken word) is a relatable song for all of the creatives out there stuck in quarantine – what did you hope to accomplish that you didn’t?

I thought I’d be sitting on 7 EPs right now! Which is unrealistic, to be fair.

Do you have anything exciting coming up – virtual performances, upcoming collaborations, or anything else you’d like to plug?

I have a project dropping on October 21st, titled “Nostalgia: The Prelude.”

Sending our thanks all the way to London for this one – go stream Treasure’s “Nostalgia: The Prelude,” OUT NOW!


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