Enter Stage 5: Cassie Marin

Stunning Los Angeles indie-pop artist, Cassie Marin is our next ART BISH artist profile. From the young age of four, music has been embedded into Marin’s life starting with the piano. For Marin, it was more than just a state of being–it was a way of life. After enduring a serious gymnastics injury, she turned her focus to music and writing starting at the age of 13, where she began to take her craft to the next level by learning how to produce her own music. Not focusing on friendship, boys, parties, or other teen-related activities, Marin found comfort in herself and craft with music by her side. Her unique curated sound brings her vision of individualism and self-love to light with lush harmonic tones, melodic synths, and moody R&B vibes to create an infectiously dense atmosphere.

With her latest EP- “Sellout,” Marin serves a dark, yet intimate, look that iconically showcases her creative sound. As a powerhouse artist, Marin not only dominates in her lane with her pop and R&B fused creations but also within the modeling industry as well. She makes hard work and dedication look easy by consistently amplifying her true form of artistry. Although maintaining focus and pushing through our internal struggles are not easy, it’s individuals like her that defy the constraints of music put within a particular genre to facilitate an unbounded wave of musicians and creators.

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