Get Ready for the Reign with tyler donavan’s Virtual Concert Series

Adding on to the experience that is inhale, triple threat–rapper/singer/songwriter–tyler donavan presents the first edition of his BREATHE virtual concert series—ACT 1: INHALE [LIVE].

The concert, produced by creative hub 9th Nimbus and Richmond-based video production firm NO FUN, will be streamed via the 9th Nimbus website on Friday (April 9th) at 9 PM EST.

Viewers can expect a complete performance of the inhale EP alongside other songs in tyler donavan’s discography, as well as several special guests, like rapper King KolTrane, to drop-in and perform.

You can RSVP for free here and snag a limited edition shirt while you’re at it!

Catch a sneak peek of the concert below with tyler donavan’s relentless performance of “the lamb,” a song chronicling the artist’s journey of self—steeped in conviction through the confrontation of his own doubts and insecurities.

You can watch the rest of ACT 1: INHALE [LIVE] on Friday, April 9th (9 PM EST) at 9th Nimbus.


Introducing… Popscure Stay Put Fest 2020

During a time of uncertainty after uncertainty, there is one thing that is certain—the comfort of music. While we can’t come together like we did pre-pandemic, the Popscure team decided that we would hold a virtual fest to hopefully help ease the anxieties we all hold. With that being said, we present to you five nights of amazing music and commaderie. So without further ado, here is the official Popscure Stay Put Fest 2020 line-up.

Photo by @rachelrephan

Reminiscent flairs of the late 60s and gritty liberation are entangled in the calling anthems of “Desert” and “Drive” conjured up by this four-piece collective. While recent events have temporarily forced guitarist/vocalist and founder, Ana, to perform solo for our fest (thanks quarantine), the music of Community Witch will remind you that the magic of music transcends all.

You can donate to her Venmo at @CommunityWitch

Photo by @melissabrughphoto

Kenneka Cook’s music is like a perfect five-course meal. Each song off of Moonchild has its own unique flavor, composed of smooth vocals, poignant piano, tasteful ghost notes, colorful guitar, and complementary bass lines. Evocative tracks like “The Practice” hint at Billie Holiday inspiration while epic “Bang Bang” brings the listener on a journey far away from recent, enclosed walls.

You can donate to her Venmo at @kenneco

Photo by @leansvision

Breathing is something that we have all seemed to forget amid our current situation. The music of tyler donavan never fails to confront and accept the truth of reality. Recent single, “The Lamb,” gives you that golden rap vibe from better times while feel-good track, “Inhale,” reminds you that you can overcome anything if you just “breathe.”

You can donate to his CashApp at $9thNimbus

Hope Magnet’s music is the hero we never knew we needed. Filled with vibes for days, “Heartland” brings the party to your own house—which is ideal considering our non-ideal situation. If that wasn’t enough, his jams have also been remixed by Young Hierophant and our very own Tmobyle. If the world ends, we might as well go down dancing.

You can donate to his Venmo at @sethmcpherson.

Photo by @jjusticeimages

Sometimes you just gotta blast some music to get past all of the turmoil of the world. Co-existing between laidback Red Hot Chili Pepper undertones and energetic Rage Against the Machine defiance, Dariel Clark’s music is a boost of endorphins and adrenaline. Block out all the noise with bangers “3.3.12” and “Absorb The Impact.”

You can donate to his Venmo at @darielclark.

You can catch each performance Mon-Fri at 8 PM on Popscure’s IG Live! See y’all there!

And a special THANK YOU to all of our essential workers (including Ana Velez of Community Witch and Dariel Clark) who do what they can to support each and every one of us daily during this time.