Daunting Realness: An Interview with Dazeases

by Jerome Spencer

I last interviewed London Perry – professionally known as Dazeases – in March of this year, directly on the heels of the then-latest release “Local Slut” before a combustible performance at Charlie’s American Café — a performance that left me more in awe of London’s raw talent and translucent emotion than I already had been.

So, I kept an eye on Dazeases’ career and in-touch via social media, so that when this moment came –- this moment when London will be performing again in Norfolk (to christen this very website, as a matter-of-fact) – I’d be ready. But what can I say that I haven’t already? I asked London a few pressing questions (or maybe really random, non-sequitur ones) to fill-in the blanks, but, before we dive into that, let’s have a refresher course on Dazeases:

Richmond’s Dazeases has been making music for about two-and-a-half years now. I hate labelling music, but it’s kind of Witchhouse-y, but sexier and kind of Ambient, but poppier yet definitely too gangsta to be pop. By fitting in nowhere, the music of Dazeases fits in everywhere. I don’t know what else you need to know; we already did the origin story so let’s jump right into the pressing matters.

What’s been going on with you musically since Local Slut?

I released Local Slut last winter and since then I released a very messy but loveable EP called Minneapolis that’s only available through download codes that I hand out at shows (if I remember to bring them). And since then it’s been silence, just simmering on ideas and putting attention to other aspects of my life.

So what’s next and when? And what’s inspiring you to create these days?

Your guess is as good as mine for the next project, but I look forward to its inevitability. I need more than inspiration to create and I need the inspiration to continue existing. I’ve been renewing it through the love of those close to me, who I think have more faith in me than I do myself.

Do you think all of these sexual-harassment related firings will really lead to a change in the balance of power or am I just getting my hopes up? (I told you they were non-sequitur, but you know we’re all thinking about this.)

Yes, I think these cases may create catalysts that will lead to that balance of power. With the proactive, I think it is also important to develop the preventative, but I’m not sure what that effectively looks like. It would be a complete change of culture I could only hope to see on the horizon before our generation dies.

(This is a really great fucking answer and you should read it twice.)

What’s your Myers-Briggs type and do you agree with it?

I’m an E-something, whatever Ron Weasley is on the Buzzfeed article. I agree with anything that classifies me as empathetic.

(I googled this, Ron is ESFP)

Who’s your current favorite rapper?

My fav current rapper is still Bones. He seems to be thriving and it’s cool to see the life he’s been able to build up with Sesh.

(This is interesting to me. Sonically, I see similarities between Dazeases and the emo-rapper Bones and I see the connection between Bones’ TeamSesh and Dazeases own Ice Cream Social Club, but Bones has put out 7 albums this year (over 50 in his six-year career), a stark contrast to Dazeases thoughtful, deliberate and calculated approach to releasing material. To that point, though, I prefer Dazeases to Bones. I also think one’s favorite rapper says more about them than a Myers-Briggs test.)

Do you think I’d look good with a mustache or is that only for serial killers?

 Decide for yourself.
Decide for yourself.

While there are some looks that flatter us more than others, I am ultimately of the opinion that if you enjoy it personally then anyone else’s opinion is nice but unnecessary. As someone who worries a lot, I know that I can be lost to speculation.

(I think London’s considerate response to a mustache question really sums up her personality, her sound and the general vibe you can expect from this Saturday’s show at Charlie’s. It’s thoughtful, deliberate, and you can’t help but enjoy it.)


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