Popscure Presents: Blush Face

popscure presents takes local & touring artists, records intimate sessions with a few songs and chats about their process, inspirations, and non sequiturs in between

We at Popscure are really excited to share some content we’ve been brewing up since our inception. Much like bands I featured in my tiny college radio studio over at WODU, we’ve teamed up with some of the area’s top dudes to amp up the sounds and visuals. 

Our first installment of a semi-monthly series, POPSCURE PRESENTS, features Blush Face from Richmond, Va. They brought their “electric lullaby pop rocks” to Charlie’s American Cafe a few hours early last week to play songs off their debut LP, What Do You Want? We talk vulnerable songwriting, weird band names, and how the band came to be. 

Thanks to honorary Popscure team members James Robinson for video and Andrew Briggs for audio, and all their tireless editing. Special thanks to TBA Productions for linking us up with the space and band to get this done!


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