Black Experience Collective – August

Our Collective of the Black Experience in America starts with this month’s submissions from VA based artists – Cam Murdoch (“Stay Well”) and Lock (“Negus Shit”) along with poem, “I Am Black,” by Popscure writer, Darryan Miller.

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Lock | 21 | Virginia Beach, VA

“Negus Shit”

Darryan Miller | 24 | Portsmouth, VA

“I Am Black”

I said I am black
Why do I have to perpetuate a stereotype of what
you think a black girl is, to be considered black?
Black is not whatever the fuck you think it is
because you've seen all the Fridays and had a
black boyfriend once.
Black is not abusive drug dealing boyfriend, strung
out mama, or free before 11.
Black is not a comedic relief
It is not weave, hoops and coochie cutting shorts
Black is not something that you get to spray on to
be a little darker and take off when it no longer
benefits you.
Black is not you saying nigga
Hold on
You want Ebonics?
I ain't got it.
Let me tell you what black is
Black is curvy with hips and breasts for days
Black is Shea Butter Babies, Ari Lennox Fans
Black is natural, relaxed, silk wrapped, finger
coils, twist outs, box braids, locks, lace fronts, 
satin bonnets and scarves.
Black is music, soul and rhythm
It's brush strokes, Jazz notes, blues and poetry
It's bellies, thighs, arms and noses
Is hymns and crystals
Is creativity
Is beautiful
Solange said don't be mad if you can't sing
along, just be glad you got the whole wide world.
I said I'm black
This shit is for me
For you
For us

Cam Murdoch | 30 | Norfolk, VA

“Stay Well”


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