Enter Stage 6: Cloudnai

Our last ART BISH profile is Bay Area photographer, Cloudnai. Working with big names like Nipsey Hussle, A$AP Rocky, and Post Malone, the artist has solidified her name in the game. But what’s more important is her mission to representing the underrepresented. Highlighting black bodies, black hair, and the black experience, her art depicts the reality and beauty in being comfortable as the underdog.

When she’s not capturing intimate moments, she is the founder of Face2Face Media, a platform centered around networking with creators from all walks of life. Nailah Howze provides a place where the unheard can shout.

And that’s a wrap for our ART BISH profiles, BUT you can learn even more at the upcoming ART BISH Digital Festival, next Wednesday (Sept. 30th) at 5PM PST//8PM EST.


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