The Journey to Finding Peace in Shaolinn’s Blackstone

Tap into your inner self tonight with the help of rising VA artist, Shaolinn as she premieres the latest in her soul-gripping musical collection with the “Blackstone” EP, out now on all streaming platforms. The show, specially curated by Shaolinn herself, will be held at the Bunker Brewpub in Virginia Beach, with doors opening at 8 PM and the show starting at 9 PM. Other featured artists joining the night’s celebratory events include Gee Litt, Boris the Lucid, Brooklynn, Tson, Khi Infinite, and DJ J-Rok. Read Sumone’s short and sweet conversation with the Heir Wave artist below.

Your release show for your upcoming EP, “Blackstone,” is [tomorrow]. What are you most excited about for the show since it will be the first show you’ve personally curated?

Just seeing all the talent and working with a band for the first time.

What were your thoughts working through the curation process when developing the lineup for the show?

Seeing my favorite local artists peeps and performing with a band for the first time.

Did you find growing up in the 757 to be influential in your creative process or musical style?

Yes, in the process, but not in a musical way. A lot of the artists I listen to aren’t from the 757, but more from the world. I do work with a lot of talented people from the 757, though.

How did you find time to record music prior to being signed to Heir Wave? Was it difficult recording during those times, or do you look back at those moments more fondly?

It wasn’t really different; because to get there, I already had a process in place. It can get expensive, but I had supportive people around me to lend a hand.

When do you feel you create your best work?

On nights when my mind is clear, and I can really dive into the music.

In “Heavy Heart,” you repeatedly mention “being free,” “letting go,” and “finding peace.” What are some words of encouragement that you or someone else provided that ultimately led you to let go and find your peace amidst your self-love journey?

I’m actually still finding my peace. It’s something we all need to work towards. Surrounding yourself with positive people helps a lot.

In a previous conversation, you stated that you did not think people would like “Heavy Heart” “but surprisingly listeners did.” Has your mindset changed when it comes to writing or releasing music after seeing a lot of people gravitate towards your music?

Yes. I didn’t think people wanted such a “talky” song. It’s not a catchy melodic song. I didn’t think people would care about me talking about my life. When I perform it, so many people come up to me and tell me how they relate to it. After that, it made me feel more encouraged to be open about my personal life.

On your IG live minutes prior to the visual premiere of “Vivian,” you expressed surreal excitement. What message did you hope fans would receive when watching the video?

The perspective of a drug addict and how hard it is for someone going through the struggles of it all. The harm isn’t malicious. It’s hard on everyone.

What are you most proud of thus far in your career?

I’m just proud to be here and have this opportunity and the inspiration from all of the people around me. I just want to keep going and, along with myself, make everyone around proud of me.

What do you hope listeners get from your music?

Anything. Anything that they feel. I speak my story, and I hope it makes people tap into their own story and bring something special out of them.

Featured image by: @playknows

Thank you to Shaolinn and her team for the interview, you can get your show tix here. “Blackstone” is out now on all streaming platforms.


Beyond the Lens with CloudNai

This past March, I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing Nailah Howze, better known as “CloudNai,”—a notable LA-based photographer, producer, and founder of Face2Face Media. Known for capturing the black community in its purest form, CloudNai’s impeccable photography allows her diverse clientele to embrace their individualism beyond their limits. CloudNai is a breath of fresh air, openly down to earth, and easily the one you want in your corner for all things creative-driven. I spoke with Nailah on her remarkable journey to success, inspirations for capturing black art and culture, and future career goals.

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I genuinely enjoyed my time chatting with Nailah and was greatly inspired by her words of wisdom. My goal for anyone watching this interview is to remain encouraged and inspired to achieve your dreams. “The sun and moon both shine, just at different times—there’s room for everyone.” – CloudNai

Enter Stage 5: Cassie Marin

Stunning Los Angeles indie-pop artist, Cassie Marin is our next ART BISH artist profile. From the young age of four, music has been embedded into Marin’s life starting with the piano. For Marin, it was more than just a state of being–it was a way of life. After enduring a serious gymnastics injury, she turned her focus to music and writing starting at the age of 13, where she began to take her craft to the next level by learning how to produce her own music. Not focusing on friendship, boys, parties, or other teen-related activities, Marin found comfort in herself and craft with music by her side. Her unique curated sound brings her vision of individualism and self-love to light with lush harmonic tones, melodic synths, and moody R&B vibes to create an infectiously dense atmosphere.

With her latest EP- “Sellout,” Marin serves a dark, yet intimate, look that iconically showcases her creative sound. As a powerhouse artist, Marin not only dominates in her lane with her pop and R&B fused creations but also within the modeling industry as well. She makes hard work and dedication look easy by consistently amplifying her true form of artistry. Although maintaining focus and pushing through our internal struggles are not easy, it’s individuals like her that defy the constraints of music put within a particular genre to facilitate an unbounded wave of musicians and creators.

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Enter Stage 4: Sincerely Art

Fearless San Diego visionary, our next ART BISH artist profile is surreal artist Giselle Ibarra. From motherhood to hosting her own art show, Ibarra’s journey to success is inspirational and encourages others to take life’s challenges head-on. Being a self-taught surrealist artist with a strong family background of hard work and entrepreneurship ultimately led her to launch Sincerely Art in 2018, not knowing the success and recognition it would bring to her business. As a Pisces, Sincerely Art, also known as “Sin,” creates dream-like inspired canvases filled with clouds, eyes, nature, and sky colors that connect others to her passion on another level. The use of vibrant colors and captivating imagery are a signature of Sin’s that expresses her vision and emotions and inspires others to create their own vision as well.

Earlier this year, Sin and partner Robb Anthony successfully launched their first Solo Art Exhibition and Pop-Up Shop in San Diego, California, producing a high turnout of guests in a show of support for Sin. The exhibition included canvases, clothing, tapestries, stickers, and several other featured products from Sin’s online site available for purchase. Although motherhood and maintaining a balance with her business has not always been easy, Sin’s journey is a testimony that believing in yourself is all that it takes to make your dreams a reality.

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